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Adam Signore, owner of Roving Recordings
Photo by Richard Paul Hoyer

About Me

Roving Recordings is run by Adam Signore, owner of Signore Web Design and was borne out of his great love of seeing (and recording)live music. Located in the greater Boston area there is a wealth of magnificent local Boston bands and venues to choose from. You'll notice in our examples that there's a particular love of the Blues, but he loves all kinds of music. If you visit our Video Portfolio we think you'll be impressed. check out our YouTube page and become a subscriber while you are there! this is something I've been driven to do for a long time. If you go way way back in the archives you'll see standard definition video with lousy audio from your typical hand held digital camera. I've always felt that every note of every performance needs to be documented. There are several bands that I see over and over again and each night is magical in it's own way. That desire has driven us to improve our equipment (we're not done yet) and our video style to where we are shooting dual camera shoots for a fantastic final product.

We think you'll agree as you view our stuff
Grassroot, "Hey, River Woman", Showcase Live
The same goes for photography and promotional graphic design. We love doing this stuff and it shows. Please take a look at our Photography Portfolio on this website and out Graphic Design Portfolio on Pinterest.

About Roving Recordings

We want to be happy and we want you to be happy. It's simple doing biz with us. We quote a flat fee and that is it. We'll kick ass at your show and turn you out a good video. If something interferes with that we will re-shoot at a different show. Happy, that's all there is to it...

list of Packages

We don't really offer packages outside of this:

After assessing the request we'll give you a price. After that, just show up locking nice and we do the rest.

All prices include all Videography/Photography, Editing, Processing, Audio Mastering. What ever is required.

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