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The challenges of recording live

There are a lot of challenges to live music recording. We run with a particularly light and nimble set up that get incredible results but there are limitations. Some of the challenges are lighting, acoustics and even the audience. Even though you may have contracted for our services we can't go into a club and hinder the show but hat's where light and nimble comes in. We have recorded in venues packed so tight that the guitarist is sweating on the camera. Still got an awesome video though!

What I'm trying to say is it usually works but sometimes the environment gets in the way. NOT TO WORRY. We're happy to have a "redo" if there just is no usable footage. You'll never get: "Sorry, it is what it is". Why would I want to put out a video that sucks anyways????

About Our Video

While there are many video recording services available for the general public our services are focused on particular types of performances. We love live music shows and aim to offer great quality recordings for bands and club owners that really exemplify the energy and love that great performances bring to the audience. You'll find an ambiance in our videos quite unlike any of the others. Something you'd be proud to show around. There's really nothing quite like it and we aim to capture those events for people who may not have experienced your band's performance or your venues liveliness.

We also aim to offer packages that provide the best value for performers and venue owners at a price that can't be beat. Since our focus is all about music, to have real value and deliver on that experience it was clear to us that great sound quality had to accompany great video quality (and at a great price).

Please check out our Video Portfolio page and make sure you turn the volume up! We are confident you will be pleased. Then check out our What You Get page to learn about our services.

About Our Photography

Once again we walk softly and carry a big stick. Our favorite saying is: It's not the size of your lens, it's what you do with it. We're not overcompensating for any shortages in other departments ;-) Once you see our photography, We are confident you'll be impressed. It's important to us to get just the right shot and we think you'll agree. Please take a look at our Photography Portfolio and see for yourself.

About Our Promotional Materials

Besides great video and photography we also do some stunning graphic design if I do say so myself. We've done quite a bit bit of regional events and you can get the best idea of our work from our Pinterest board for it. Check out our Promotion Material Portfolio and see for yourself.

For band's, other performers & venue owners

Hey, This is all about you. If you're like other people you have a Web Page, you have a YouTube Channel (you really ought to). There's a lot we provide in our varied packages that will be great for you.

We want everyone involved to feel the love! Contact Us today to get started!.

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