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About Adam

Adam's first love was the blues. 12 years old and sitting on the basement stairs watching his older bro play guitar in a blues band. Man the blues goes right to your soul.

Of course as years and rock eras go by it was Led Zeppelin that would be mine. of course the blues undercurrent was part of that but i am at heart a Metal Head. Through high scholl and later Adam was always hunting out the latest and greatest from local music scenes. The New Models, Private Lightning, Human Sexual Response, Mission of Burma, Lou Miami & The cosmetics, the list goes on and on.

Around the early 2000's after feeling there was something of a drought, his eyes were opened. blues bands like A Ton Of Blues and rock bands like Clutch Grabwell came into focus and it has been a firehouse of new top shelf music since then. Adam has something of a documentarian side and the thought of going to a music venue without a camera makes him twitch.

To assist the local scenes, Adam started "The List" which continues today online, started an online venue map, Laconia Bike Week Music schedules. Most recently (March 2017) Adam started at Mark skin Radio with two 60 minute programs that showcase the absolute wealth of great unsigned music. Added to that shortly after was a 2 hour blues program featuring local and national blues artists.

While this re-awakening was going on, the activities listed above led to some great relationships that have expanded who Adam is and what he works on. Website, Social Media & Sales Management for The New England Blues Summit

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